The scalable blockchain
and smart
contract platform

At Techpay we strive to provide technologies
that ensure scalability,
foolproof security and decentralization.

About Us

Techpay uses Sirius protocol

which is EVM compatible and with its latest technology transactions are done at lightning fast speed. More than 300000 Transactions per seconds has been recorded which makes techpay fastest blockchain.

TechPay is fully compatible with both the Cosmos SDK and the Ethereum Virtual Machine, making it one of the most versatile sidechains on the market. We spend about more than 4-5 years of research and development to build our own TechPay Blockchain technology

TechPay wins

World's Fastest Blockchain award

TechPay Is Modular

Network connectivity has the ultimate impact on any data center. When you’re trying to collect, store, and move big amounts of data for mission-critical operations,

we offer Techpay Network Management Solutions: no matter how large or small your organization may be, our solutions will help improve your business processes while you focus on the most important things in your business. Each network built on TechPay is independent of one another.


TechPay is secure and environmentally friendly

TechPay implements a different consensus mechanism than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin and Ethereum use Proof-of-Work, which is more centralized than the more decentralizing Proof-of-Stake used by TechPay.


Deposit your TPC
You can transfer your TPC to your TPC address by going through an exchange.
Choose a validator
Select a validator, stake-as-you-go or keep your TPC locked up.
Earn rewards
Earn rewards for locking TPC.
Access the wallet
You can generate a new wallet, or access an existing one using a mnemonic or a Keystore file.

Deploy Your Existing DApps Without Rework & Make Them Scale-up


TechPay is open-source

Our teams are committed to creating building blocks for anyone to use, remix and customize to their needs. We also aim for high transparency by releasing our products on Github so that everyone can get a glimpse into the work we're doing behind the scenes.