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About TechPay

We at Techpay

Techpay brings anyone who believes in performance to join the digital transactions revolution. The world is moving on to this revolution at an unprecedented pace.

Now is your time. With Techpay you can make transactions at lightning fast speed, confidence and trust. Whether you’re a first time user or experienced professional - Techpay has got you both covered!


Fastest Blockchain

Scalable blockchain with Low Transaction Fee

Sustainable Ecosystem

Sustainable ecosystem for practical use

Real-Time Payment Gateway

Blockchain based payment gateway for real-time use

Blockchain Internet of Things (IoT)

Blockchain based IoT managed devices for fast & secure world

Why TechPay is special

Quick transactions

Techpay uses Sirius protocol for its blockchain which is latest blockchain technology providing lightning fast speed transactions.


TechPay uses latest blockchain technology which offers a fully scalable feature


Its a one stop solution for all traders, users, business associates, etc. At Techpay you get all you want to trade in Cryptocurrency. The user friendly E-commerce interface makes purchasing easy and fast.

Open Platform

TechPay is open platform which is manage by community


TechPay is accepted for real-time use by communities worldwide

Low Transaction Fee

ransparent pricing for commission as low as 0.02% for everyone. The convenience of buying and selling is provided by availing any payment option desired by User/Trader.

Secure payment

Full data encryption functioning facilitates encrypted transactions. In online communication, an SSL security is established for encrypted links between the web server and browser. Security is enhanced over the attacks from cross-site via scripting through XSS.

Sumit Sharma

Sumit Sharma, is a guy of many talents. He has been consulting chief management in over 20+ large companies worldwide in the financial sector, telecommunication, aviation, medical, and energy. He has almost 10 years of experience in professional strategy and leading technology. In the fields of IT and internet strategy, transactions and economic distribution networks, business intelligence, and organizational performance, he is a seasoned operator and regular presenter.

Vishal Garg

A business magnate, an experienced Systems Architect and Blockchain expert. Being an expert in Architecture, Blockchain, Data Science, Cyber Security and Cyber Law. Mr.Vishal is having multiple patents in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence thus making it possible to rise the glorious heights in IT industry. Mr. Vishal is well known for his accreditations and strong repute in Information Technology industry.

Vishal Devkota

Vishal Devkota has exceptional technical and problem solving skills.
He brings new ideas to processes and looks out for new ways to improve the technical pipelines.